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Christians and Jews Fighting Together Against Evil

Hamas and Muslim terrorists throughout the world have declared war on Jews and Christians.

Israel is first, America is next.

“First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people!”

Israel is at War. We Must Fight Together.

Every Christian who has ever said “I stand with Israel” must know that the war the bible speaks about is here. Now.

Hamas says explicitly: “First the Jews and then the Christians”. Israel is the front lines of OUR war. We are all in this war.

Ascend the Mountain with Ari & Jeremy

Join Rabbis Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel on an inspiring tour of Arugot Farm in the mountains of Judea.

Who We Support - Land of Israel Network

Texans for Israel is proud to support Ari and Jeremy and the Land of Israel Network.

Who We Support - HaYovel

Texans for Israel is proud to support HaYovel.

Reconstruction of Israel - Texans for Israel

The Focus of Texans for Israel is to unite and strengthen Texans locally, nationally, abroad, and those with like-mindedness in the unique values that we share for God's Land, God's People, and God's Purpose for Israel together.

Israeli Farmers Are Bringing the Bible to Life in Biblical Judea

Resting on Judean hills not far from Jerusalem lies the Arugot Farm. For six years, its founders have built a complex on land where previously there was just barren hills. Located in Judea, its founders, Rabbis Jeremy Gimpel and Avi Abrimovitz, see this place as the Bible coming to life.

Texas for Israel - Cry for Zion

Texans for Israel is proud to support Cry For Zion.

Who We Support - I Am Israel

Texans for Israel is proud to support I Am Israel.

Texas for Israel Tour - November 2018

Come with us as we tour the Land of the Bible!

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