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Israeli Wine Tastings in Amarillo - We will soon have wine tastings in Amarillo, Texas where we will offer boutique wine from Judea and Samaria. This will be an opportunity for everyone to try Israeli wine, as well as give them a chance to meet one of the largest distributor of kosher wines from Israel. 

HaYesod Study - Learn more about the history of Isarel and the Jewish foundation of Christianity. Once started, our HaYesod Study will be led by Mike Isley and Larry Latham once a week for 12 weeks. This will be an opportunity for people to discover the Jewish foundation of Christianity, as well as their relationship to all parts involved.

Build Up Israel Project - Support Israeli producers of wine, olive oil, honey and much more. Money collected from this fund will be used to promote these beautiful, homegrown products from the heartland of Israel. Keep a delicious reminder in your kitchen of your contribution.